PlayStation Move as PC Pointing Device

Today I’ve played around with some of the available tools for using the PS Move on the PC and put together a mix of available and modified tools that allow one to use the Move as a mouse or controller for an FPS game.

A zip with everything one should need can be found at
There is a newer version of my software that is much simpler to use. Download at

A video of this in action can be found at

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  • adriano

    hey men, i connect psmove with success, turning on tracker light and using like mouse (very precise) but don’t work with games i think fullscreen games can’t see the input emulation
    can you have a solution (any code to implement in c# for this situation)

  • Osvaldo Rosado

    If you are using the newer version of my software (see you should try using the “Mouse Emulation” operating mode instead of the default “1:1 Pointer” (or use the “FPS” mode if using a First Person Shooter).

    Does changing that work for you?

  • adriano

    hey men i tryied again and nothing
    like a example in glovepie, using wiimote i need to use a command of window api (i think)
    mouse.DirectInputX = (Wiimote.dot1x + Wiimote.dot2x) * -1
    mouse.DirectInputy = (Wiimote.dot1y + Wiimote.dot2y)

    thanks for your help πŸ˜€

  • Osvaldo Rosado

    I’m not sure why it’s not working, but if you want to try your hand at fixing it the place you would need to look is in:


    Around line 246 is where the stuff for moving the mouse is.

  • adriano

    ok men i already see this
    i’m triyng modify for my reasons
    if i do it i will tell you
    thanks for all men

  • adriano

    can you tell me if the, have the acess to coordinates
    like rotate the psmove in xyz moving in xyz or if your src folder have this lines because i don’t found, thanks!:D

  • adriano

    hello again, i find in microsoft website about raw input

    for me look more precisy because don’t need to emulate everytinhg

  • Osvaldo Rosado

    I don’t track the move in xyz coordinates. should be able to as well as updated sources from moveonpc

  • Osvaldo Rosado

    Also, if you would rather stay with my Move for PC codebase and don’t care about tracking rotation, you can get z by checking for the radius of the detected blob from the move’s bulb. A bigger radius is a smaller z distance from the camera.

  • adriano

    hey man me again
    yesterday e have installed windows developer preview(8 beta)
    the movebrigde.exe having a error 0xc0000142
    i don’t know if the error is drivers of cl eye or something not compatible in src files code, i think the code don’t have support
    for windows developer prevew , can you help me
    willbe aweosome use psmove on metro theme on this windows πŸ˜€

  • Osvaldo Rosado

    Are you compiling with Visual Studio 2010? I remember one of the libraries for CL Eye not working properly with VS2010.

    If you aren’t recompiling at all, try using the Windows 7 compatibility mode.

  • adriano

    I’m trying,
    a problem to play fps
    I tested the call of duty black ops and it worked
    but very processor takes movebrigde.exe
    and the game is too slow, but works just as a mouse
    but I tried movebrigde.exe set to low priority and use only one processor, then the game gets fast again
    but this way makes the move to be very sensitive
    and less accurate

    just saying my experience!
    and an opinion
    I just know a little C #
    and I know that managing it is not very good

    do c + + would be faster?

    just a suggestion

  • Osvaldo Rosado

    I would imagine that C++ would be faster for this than C#, but I don’t know by how much. In Move for PC I use C# for the GUI but a separate C++ program (MoveBridge) does all of the real work, so you shouldn’t be losing performance just from the language.

    As for why MoveBridge is very processor intensive, it has to read the image from the Eye and look for the bright sphere of the Move many times per second. This image processing takes a lot of CPU power. A less intensive method, although probably less accurate, would be to rely solely on the sensors in the Move to determine location.

  • adriano

    i imagine this
    i’m trying find a way to make this program less intesinve for processor
    i don’t know maybe use more instructions over buffering cam^^
    i’m studyng know c++
    and i found moveframework_sdk
    and i use on windows 8
    and works fine and don’t take to much processor, i will try base your code in this sdk to use psmove like mouse!

    (are you brazillian?)

  • Osvaldo Rosado

    Sounds sweet! Let me know how it turns out.

    (No I’m not Brazilian)

  • adriano

    maybe soon i post to you if i do it

  • adriano

    by the way
    I think the moveframework_sdk
    would be less intense because he just uses sensors
    and calibrates based on bright sphere

  • Rubiodave

    Thanks a lot for this!
    but a little question..after i track the controller like a mouse..
    is it possible that when i push any button on the controller.. it actually make the click on pc? thanks again

  • Osvaldo Rosado

    You can bind the buttons on the Move to keys and mouse clicks through gamepad binding software like Xpadder.

  • Bernhard Freilinger


    really great tool πŸ˜‰

    But i can also not play ingame with move. On desktop the mouse works fine with your tool, but not ingame…
    Could you make the move controller to a joystick?? Than you can use it in xpadder. So every body can play in games.
    Would be great πŸ˜‰

  • punkchobit

    Can you make a way to extract the data via sendmessageAPI?

    ie: I send your app my app’s hWnd, and your app sends the data back?

    Does this also get sharshooter’s data?

    Also, which BT adapter do you recommend?

  • Osvaldo Rosado

    One would modify the source code pertaining to MoveBridge.exe to do this. You would most likely have to have your application start MoveBridge directly instead of using the MoveForPC GUI.

    .srcMoveBridgesrcPS3EyeCam.cpp in the zip archive is where you would need to do modifications, if you are up to the challenge. The coordinate data is calculated around line 246.

    I might try to do an implementation of this myself, but I can’t guarantee that I’ll have the time.

    You can also look into moveframework ( ) It might be better suited to application integration. It’s also a newer project than my MoveForPC and may be more robust.

    You can receive sharpshooter data from its standard mapped buttons from Motioninjoy. Sharpshooter-specific buttons are not accessible to my knowledge.

    Lastly, I don’t have any BT adapter preferences, I just use the adapter embedded in my laptop and it works fine :)

  • Hamza

    Hi man! I really appreciate your work a lot. I just wanted to suggest something. How about is you even take the coordinates from the sensors in the controller to track it instead of just tracking it using the camera. That would be much better and smoother. There was also an issue I encountered. The camera tracked the glowing ball if it was really close but it lost track of it sometimes when i took it further away. I even tried this in a really dark room, but it still didn’t work. One last thing. The newer version of your application crashes too easily, but the 1st version doesn’t.
    Thank a lot.

  • Osvaldo Rosado

    Thanks for the comment!

    MoveForPC is a fairly old project that was made before coordinate information was available from the sensors in the projects that it is based off of. I agree that using the sensors along with the camera would be a much better solution.

    I think I might look into making a newer version that solves the problems that you and others have brought to light; the distance issue looks particularly interesting.

  • aeayyi

    Would it be possible to use the gyros and accelerometers in the Move instead of the camera for mouse emulation? This is something I would need for this little project of mine, though I’m not sure if I have the programming skills to make it happen… I know it’s possible with a Wiimote, but I haven’t found a software that can do it with PS3 Move.

  • Tim

    what if i only want to connect the 2 move controllers and not the eye toy, as in using the controllers as normal game controllers

  • disqus_gKW6JWITMk

    I have my Move all paired up but no light comes on nor can the moveforpc track my move controller. What gives?

  • Jonderwan

    doesn’t work on my windows 8 64 bit pc.
    everytime movebridge.exe get a failure:
    movebridge.exe – Anwendungsfehler
    Die Anwendung konnte nicht korrekt gestartet werden (0xc0000142). Klicken Sie auf “OK”, um die Anwendung zu schließen.

  • Osvaldo Rosado

    This error was also reported for Windows 8 Developer Preview. There may be an incompatibility with Windows 8. I may be able to create a functioning version, although that will have to wait until I myself upgrade to Windows 8. If you would like to attempt yourself, all of the source code is distributed with the binaries. Alternatively, try running the program in compatibility mode for Windows 7.

  • CroDruid

    Man, U doing good job! Awesome!

  • Grant Hinkle

    ah man, it wont work w/ compatibility mode for windows 7. so bummed. I may downgrade today, unless you’ve managed to get a windows 8 version working?

  • Diego

    did you fixed your problem?

  • Osvaldo Rosado

    I unfortunately haven’t had the time to work on a Windows 8 compatible version.

  • Grant Hinkle

    hey no worries man. I reformatted and installed windows 7 64bit. it works! thanks for your hard work!

    The only issue I ever come across — is that when i close MoveforPC it crashes, and i have to restart my computer before i can get the tracker to work again. lol.

    any solutions for that by chance (btw i realize you are extremely busy, but maybe you had encountered the same situation in the past at some point!)

    Thanks again for all your hard work, this is going to be awesome for when I get my oculus rift next month!

  • Juber Gonzales Prado

    hola amigo exelente trabajo. Hoy probe el battlefield 3 con tu sofware y el DS3 tool y va de maravilla

  • grant hinkle

    hey man, so i have it working perfectly in windows 7…. until today. now when i run the move tracker program, it runs perfectly. however, only the mask_window and movetracker.exe (the dos program that outputs all your movement) windows open up. the camera window and calibration window stay minimized, and no matter what i do — i cant get them to open up. they just sit on my start bar…. very strange.

    any ideas as far as solutions? as far as i know the tracker still works perfectly, i just am not able to change any of the settings since i cant get the windows to un-minimize.


  • SS

    Hey man any updates on the windows 8? I really want to use this; its that movebridge.exe, thats the only prob

  • Akbar

    Hey, I was wondering wether tou can change it from mouse to joystick assignments so went ever the ps move increases in hight, y axis increases or something like that. Make it available for download plz.

  • luc358

    can you help me? i want to use it as my mouse but i dont know how to install al the software and i cant write scripts so can jou make a video and upload it to youtube or somthing like that :S

  • Hassan

    everything worked perfectly and i can change the sphere color. but the tracking doesn’t work and i get error 0xc0000142
    i’m running windows 8 pro 64-bit
    can you please help me? thank you very much and good job with this program. if it worked for me in windows 8 it would be really amazing, as i would control the metro UI with it like a touch input device

  • Osvaldo Rosado

    Unfortunately there seems to be problems running the software on Windows 8. This is a known issue.

    I believe some in these comments tried solving the compatibility issues. I do not know if they were successful.

  • Suneil

    Great Stuff! I managed to start the tracking and get the move light on but its not moving the mouse cursor in any mode.

  • Grant Hinkle

    been using this for a few months now! With my oculus rift! Awesome job man!

    The only game I cant get it to recgonize my mouse in is Bioshock Infinite. Very strange. oh well :) If you have any ideas let me know

  • Glen DC

    It keeps searching for a device, can never find it. Even though my PS Move controller is paired via Motion Joy. Any ideas on how I can resolve this?

  • need help fast

    ugggh! i am on win 7 64 bit and I cant get it to work at all HELP!!!!

  • Cobsad

    movebridge.exe just crashes when i try to launch it, oh wait this thread is 3 years old, lol

  • Tweets Adil

    MoveForPC doesn’t work on windows 8

  • Curtis Thoar Kaulback

    same problem here, did you end up solving this?

  • Curtis Thoar Kaulback

    hey, i know this software is old and you may not be watching the threads anymore but i cant seem to get it working, it keeps searching and doesn’t find anything, i have motioninjoy and the eye driver from this link:
    and the controller is on before i start the moveforpc.exe
    do you think that’s the driver i got is the problem? i dont have a way to pay for the legitimate CL eye platform so im hoping its not..