PlayStation Move as PC Pointing Device

Today I’ve played around with some of the available tools for using the PS Move on the PC and put together a mix of available and modified tools that allow one to use the Move as a mouse or controller for an FPS game.

A zip with everything one should need can be found at
There is a newer version of my software that is much simpler to use. Download at

A video of this in action can be found at

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  • Colin Bailey

    Also, with MAME in mind, I’ve been looking at software called TeamPlayer ( )that allows for multiple mouse cursors on screen at once from multiple connected mouse/keyboards. Any thoughts on using multiple Move Controllers for 2 player PC gun games? Might wanna look into implementing a feature this, or trying out using your software in conjunction with TeamPlayer (perhaps multiple instances? Not sure if it would work or if it did, if it works be too CPU heavy).