Osvaldo Rosado
Multitouch Gesture Support on Old Synaptics Touchpads

SynapticsMultiTouchEnabler is a small tool I put together for personal use that others may find useful. SynapticsMultiTouchEnabler is for use on older touchpads made by Synaptics that do not support detection of multiple touches and therefore do not natively support multitouch gestures with the official drivers.

SynapticsMultiTouchEnabler is not a replacement driver, but rather, it is a standard program that uses raw touchpad information supplied by the official Synaptics drivers to infer when multiple fingers are on the touchpad and a gesture is being performed. In its current version, SynapticsMultiTouchEnabler only supports the two-finger vertical scrolling gesture.

This program runs in the taskbar, unless the icon is right-clicked and the user selects to close the program. Left-clicking on the taskbar icon shows a configuration window that allows setting the scroll inversion (scrolling is inverted OSX-like by default) and the scroll speed, as well as viewing of about information. Any setting changes are saved for future runs.

For maximum utility, it is suggested that a shortcut to wherever you save the program is placed in your startup folder, so that the program need not be manually started to enable gesture support.

Click Here to Download SynapticsMultiTouchEnabler

Note: This software requires .NET Framework 4.0 to be installed. .NET Framework 4 Client Profile is sufficient.

Legal Note: This tool is third-party and unofficial. As such, it is not supported or endorsed by Synaptics Incorporated.